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Ideas to keep your brain active after retirement

Why Life does not end with Job Retirement

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As business brokers for over 24 years, we hear time and time again people wanting to retire from their corporate jobs and take on a new lease in life with business ownership. We’ve proudly been part of these life changing events and are here to help you find the perfect “next chapter business”.

After spending years working in a job, the day for retirement finally comes. Great!

Many doctors believe that a person who stops using their brain power is a great candidate for Alzheimer’s disease. The solution is very simple. The retiree should take up a hobby that requires brain power or consider owing a business. Many of the people who contact our offices are retirees who are still young and active and want to control their future.

Today, very luckily, we are living in a world where age 65 is still considered young. The life expectancy of a male in 1958 was considered to be 72. Today according to the Uniform Life Expectancy Table 2013 a 70 year old man has a life expectancy of an additional 27 years.

What does this mean? It means that it is never too late to become self-employed by owning your own business. This can give you the opportunity to look forward to enjoying your post job retirement in a new career where you dictate your success. First Choice Business Brokers has a large selection of many businesses for sale and one of these just might fit your needs.